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Signs of economic recovery in the Microfinance Sector because the Covid-19 pandemic remain mixed

We are happy to share with you the results of a seventh wave of survey carried out in partnership with Fondation Grameen Credit Agricole and ADA to monitor and analyze the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on our partner MFIs worldwide.

The responses were collected in the second half of July 2021 from 78 MFIs located in 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our results show a fairly positive overall trend nevertheless with highly contrasting realities. Largest number of institutions returning to growth and others continuing to encounter difficult economic conditions.

At the beginning of July 2021, 47% of the institutions surveyed said that they no longer faced operational constraints on a daily basis. However, more than half MIFIs (53%) indicated that they did not meet their disbursement targets in this period, but almost all of them expect to have more outstanding loans by the end of this year.

English version: Signs of economic recovery remain mixed

Version française : Des signaux de reprise économique encore contrastés

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