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Through its funds, Inpulse supports a range of institutions covering MFIs and credit unions up to medium size banks with total assets between EUR 1.5 M and EUR 3 billion.

As of December 2021, CoopEst has granted loans to 21 partner institutions in 9 countries for a total outstanding amount of EUR 24.2 M. More than the half of the outstanding portfolio is dedicated to support small and medium-size MFIs that are strongly involved in the local development of disadvantaged areas. Our MFI partners serve vulnerable groups excluded from financial services: the average loan size to final clients is around 2,059 EUR. Most of the cooperative banks CoopEst finances in Poland are located in semi-urban and rural areas and they are often the only financial institutions providing access to credit in those areas.

Launched in 2015, CoopMed investment capacity was increased in 2018 up to EUR 17.3M by contribution from existing investors (including EIB), AFD and SIDI as new shareholder. As of December 2021, CoopMed disbursed 15 loans for a total of EUR 7.8M of outstanding portfolio.

Helenos has an objective of EUR 25M investment capacity with a first tranche closed in November 2018. As of December 2021, 13 investment decisions have been taken for a total of EUR 8.5M, and the current pipeline is being developed in Western and Eastern Europe.

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