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A resumption of activities under operational and financial constraints

Inpulse joined forces with ADA and the Fondation GCA – Grameen Crédit Agricole to keep monitoring the effects of the COVID-19 crisis among our MFI partners.

The results of the survey carried out between July 23rd and August 6th, 2020, based on 91 partners from 42 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, show that MFIs are still facing operational and financial difficulties. Nevertheless, their PAR 30 seems to have stabilized and liquidity has been well managed. But the battle against the virus is not won, and its repercussions are nowadays particularly strong in Latin America and Caribbean region and on clients carrying out activities in the informal economy.

The future challenges us to continue questioning ourselves about the best recovery actions for each region, how they can be implemented and how the different actors in the microfinance sector can directly and indirectly contribute to its revival.

Keep in contact with us over the coming months to know more about the evolution and trends of this crisis in the microfinance sector.

ENGLISH VERSION: A resumption of activities under operational and financial constraints

VERSION FRANÇAISE: Une reprise sous contraintes opérationnelles et financières

VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA: Una recuperación bajo limitaciones operativas y financieras

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